Laptop Repairing service

If your laptop has any type of fault then content us we are expert in Laptop Repairing. I you have Any type of Laptop Problems then Zee-Computer can solve them for you.


  • The basic Problems that any consumer can face is mention below
  • Forgot BIOS password.
  • Laptop turns on, but screen is dim, can barely see the picture.
  • Cracked screens.
  • Cracked cases.
  • Laptop won’t turn on, no power at all.
  • Laptop turns on fine, but shuts down randomly.
  • Loose or broken hinges.
  • Touch pad/ pointer won’t work.
  • Bad Bios/Battery; you have to set the date and time all the time.
  • Not enough memory.
  • And many other problems.
  • We have two data recovery services for hard drives available: Basic and Advanced.
  • Power supply blinks, shorts when power is plugged in


So in simple words if you have any type of laptop problem we can solve it for you.