Double Yellow Headed Amazon Pair for sale.

Young Double yellow headed Amazons ready for delivery. Please know pricing of these birds before contacting that you will know that you are receiving a very GOOD deal. Bird will come with cage, toys etc. Now is a good time to receive this baby as it is young and ready to imprint on its owner. Please contact soon! Thanks.  /        Skype :  abrabianafrobirds


German shepherd for sale in cheap price

Hey this is sohail kiyani, look at this cute German shepherd dog, I am selling it, its urgent because I am going abroad, this is the reason I am selling it in cheap price, its well-trained dog, pictu0re attach with ad, just call me for buying it, price is final so don’t make any foolish offer.

Price: 2000/- PKR

Pure breed russian dog for sale

Beautiful Russian breed dog for sale, its best for those who has craze about pets and dogs, price is very reasonable so don’t waste mine and your time if not interested to buy this puppy, white color puppy is very loving, call me on my number is someone one interested to buy this dog.

Price: 15000/- PKR

Beautiful hamsters for sale

Syrian breed hamsters are best for those who has craze for animal husbandry. Extremely healthy puppy, hand tame, playful and adorable hamster babies.

Available in Karachi Lahore Islamabad, We provide free home delivery service, we also never charge advance payment, just call us and buy these beautiful pet.

Also available in different colors: panda, white, ash white, jet black

Average age of these hamsters is 2 month; limited babies available now so just call us for having these puppies.

For booking and details kindly call or sms at 03122005995

Bull mastiff family dogs

Healthy and beautiful Bull mastiff family dogs are for sale. The ages of dogs are 2.5 month.


RS: 45000