How to do Daily Maintenance of Brown Coal Dryer Well?

Lignite, which is also known as brown coal, is mainly used as the fuel in power plants as well as chemical raw materials, catalyst carrier, adsorbent and for purifying sewage and recycling metal. The coked lignite can be made into briquette for cooking and heating. In addition, it is also the source of activated carbon for dealing with water, recovering gold and extracting iodine. So we need to use the lignite coal dryer, but do you know how to do the daily maintenance of brown coal dryer?

At first, we will talk about the working process of lignite coal dryer. It is as follows: The wet materials are conveyed to the hopper through the belt conveyor or bucket elevator, and then enter into thefeed end through the hopper charger and the feeding pipe in sequence. The inclination of the feeding pipe must begreater than the natural inclination of materials in order to make the materials flow into the dryer smoothly. Thedryer cylinder is a rotation cylinder with slight inclination with the horizontal line. The materials enter from thehigher end, and the heat carrier enters from the lower end;the two contact each other from opposite directions, butthere are also circumstances that the heat carrier flows into the dryer body, the wet materials are heated directly orindirectly by the heat carrier to dry the wet materials, and then the materials are discharged from the discharge endthrough the belt conveyor or screw conveyor.

The maintenace of ligite coal dryer is as follows:

1.Add a shot of grease to the bearing every month to ensure the bearing is smooth.

2.Clean the cotton filter (next door) before use everyday, for if the filter plugged, air flow will decrease and will result in the phenomenon of slow drying, baking quit and also wastes energy.

3.Drying temperature setting should be in keep with the material’s own drying conditions which can void the phenomenon of material shrinkage.

4.Gas stove must be cleaned every week on the toner (black) to prevent inhalation of drum, contaminated Material.

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