Free Classified Business Directory

A Classified Business Directory is such kin of web site or a written information which categories all businesses in a list. Mostly businesses are categories according to their size, their location and economy rate.

In Pakistan there are a lot of Business directories are available. The details which provide in a business directory are always different. These directories include the name of the business and address, telephone numbers and also include the location. Also some little bit description which that business provide, also provide the detail of their employees some thing about their professional relationships. There are a lot of business directories of any country and Pakistan is available in websites. Classiadverts also launch their own business directory in Pakistan. Classiadverts is also categories all businesses in Pakistan by their Location, Size and also according to their activity. In Pakistan business directories all businesses are categories in following form:

  1. Marketing & advertising
  2. Banking and finance
  3. Health & medicine
  4. Sports & Games
  5. Software & Web Designing
  6. Education & acdimia
  7. Engineering
  8. Telecommunications & ISP
  9. Human Resources
  10. Office management & Administration
  11. Others………

Classiadverts allows all businesses to make their own directory on internet free of cost. They can easily post their directories or ads from any where in Pakistan.

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