The Perfect ceiling fan for your Ceiling Decoration ‘VOLDAM False Ceiling Fan 14″ 2×2’

VOLDAM World’s First “Slimmest” Super Slim Energy Saving False Ceiling Fan.

VOLDAM False Ceiling Fan 14″ 2×2


1.  New, Innovative, & Unique Outlook Design.

2.  100% Pure Copper Motor for Longer Life.

3.  Original Japanese Ball Bearing Motor.

4.  3 Speed Adjustments with Remote Control.

5.  Designers First Preference.

6.  Easy to Install, Durable & Reliable.

7.  (Two) 2 Years Warranty.

8.  Original Super Slim thin only (70 mm)

9.  Modern Design Remote Control Built-in Battery.

10. Built-in Electrical Circuit Designed & Tested by Highly Qualified Engineers.

Fixed & Standard Price Rs.7300/-

Discount is available of Rs.250/- for order of 10 or more units.

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