Describe the Main Features of Coal Slime Dryer

Coal slime dryer is the most complex dryer equipment in the drying process, and it is also the most technical level demanding device. In order to make the coal slime dryer play its efficiency at maximum, reduce the emission of harmful substance, and improve the resource utilization ratet, Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. regards the green and low-carbon technology of coal slime dryer as an important breakthrough.

Coal slime dryer consists of heat source, break up device, belt conveyors, feeders, rotary drum, a belt feeder, induced draft fan, discharger and power cabinet composition. Coal slime dryer is the low cost and high return equipment for coal slurry processing, which has been got widely recognition by many enterprises and investors.

Coal slime rotary dryer main features:

1. Adapting downstream drying method, the smoke and wet material goes into the dryer from the same side. Thus could acquire high evaporation intensity using high temperature smoke. The temperature of dryer discharge port is low, heat efficiency is high.

2. The operation parameters can be changed according to different material properties. So that the material inside the dryer cylinder could form one stable full cut material curtain, heat exchanging is more fully.

3. New internal structure strengthens the cleaning of distributed material and heat conduction, eliminates the sticky phenomenon of inner cylinder. It is more adaptable to the material moisture and stickiness.

4. Slurry dryer system using the new type feed, discharge device. Put an end to the rotary drum dryer feed plug, not continuous, uneven and returning materials, and so reduce the load of dust removal system.

5. The product size and moisture could be controlled according to user requirement. The moisture could be lower than 8% while drying the coal slime, the size could be controlled smaller than 8mm.

6. Strong resistance to overload, large capacity, less fuel consumption, and low drying cost.

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