cups and disc for pipeline pigs

cups and disc for pipeline pigs


FASIN’s Pigging Equipment provide the complete solutions for the

Supply of best Pig for Pipe Line Cleaning

considering the requirements either its required for Heavy Wiping &

Dewatering or Cleaning or Heavy Scraping or Light Scraping or Regular

Scraping or Maximum Scraping or Drying etc.

Cups are one of the types of sealing elements used by steel-mandrel pigs.

They are designed to allow the pressure of the line to seat the

outer sealing surface of the cup against the internal pipe surface to

ensure positive seal. Cups are flexible so as to adapt to out-of-round

or varying internal pipe diameters.

Styles range from standard to conical, as well as special designs such as

those for thin-wall pipes.

Conical Cup

Conical Cup pipeline pigs

Standard Scraper Cups pipeline pigs

Thinwall Cups

Thinwall Cups pipeline pigs

Type A Cups

Type A Cups pipeline pigs

Foam Disc Pig

Squeegee Discs

Multi-dimensional Cup

Standard Discs

Standard Discs for pipeline pigs

Multi-Dimensional Discs

Multi-Dimensional Discs pipeline pigs

Squeegee Discs

Squeegee Discs dics pipeline pigs

Specialty Cups and Discs

Urethane Cups and Discs

for Pipeline Utility Pigs

Specialty Cups and Discs disc for pipeline pigs

Cups & Discs are made of the highest quality polyurethane

Cups & Discs are designed to maintain a positive seal while also supporting the pig body.


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