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What is import and export? Import mean trade in and exports meant trade out. Actually we use this term to bring in and bring out goods from one country to others countries for buy and sells respectively.

International Trading is one of the biggest businesses in all words. Pakistan is also on of the beigest country which import and export millions of goods in a day. In Pakistan all the trade form here to another country is through many ports like Gwadar port, Karachi Port Trust, Keti Port and Port Qasim. Daily million of goods are import and exports through these ports.

Many people import a lot of things from abroad for there personal use and or for sale. Every kind of electronics, wooden, plastics, medicines, marbles, Iron made things even animals, cars, clothes, computers, mobiles every thing are import in Pakistan from abroad. Because Pakistan is an agricultural country so many kind of things like Sports equipment, Carpets, Wooden products, Foods, Crafts, etc are handmade. To sell these hand made things and crafts or every thing people have to export there products in abroad. There are lots of ads available in internet for import and export. In addition you can import and export Toys, Vehicles, Furniture, Textile, Fruits, Vegetables, clothes and daily use items can be import and export. Now you can import and export things in abroad through a trusted company which available in classiadverts. And also many agents are available in Pakistan who wants to import and export many things in Pakistan and out of Pakistan. Classiadverts create an opportunities for those agents and people who want to imports many things from abroad they can easily post there ads about import some thing on easily and free of cost.

Classiadverts allows all agents and people in Pakistan who want to import and export their products form abroad. Many companies can post their ads in Classiadverts free of cost by providing the full description of the company and what they provide to their client or customers. There are many ads of good and trusted companies of Import and exports are available on

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