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Education is a kind of inheritance which we get from our parents, teachers and many other people and then it is carries on moving from one person to another person. Through education a person can improve his professional skills, his knowledge about any thing and make his value on other people.

Pakistani education system is making progress day by day. Now Pakistan literacy rate is round about 58%. In Pakistan round about 69% are males and 45% are female are educated. In Pakistan education system are divided into four different stages primary education, secondary education, tertiary education and Quaternary education. In Pakistan most of people want to become a professional teacher and student’s wants a good and qualified teacher for them who can solve their problems. Every teacher in Pakistan always in search of students oh home base or academy and there are many students are available in Pakistan who want to get home tuition and to join a good academy

Classiadverts provides an opportunity for teachers and students to solve their problems. Teachers in Pakistan can post ads according to their qualification and ability.
And students can also get their tutorial easily on classiAdverts. There are a lot of teachers and students available in

Health is playing an important role in a human life. If a person is healthy then he can do every thing in life and always keeps a smile on his/her family face. But if person is not healthy and always remain ill he does no do any thing and always keeps his family in tension. There are a lot of problems related to health in Pakistan due to short age of equipments and specialists. A sick person who involve in special case does not find doctors related to their illness. There are a lot of hospitals and clinics are available in Pakistan but mostly people are unknown from them

Mostly doctors post Ads on internet on different sites in Pakistan to become familiar. ClassiAdverts also allowed such doctors to post their Ads free of cost here to help many patients in Pakistan. Therefore ClassiAdverts solve the problems of such kind of patient who could not find any solution about their bad health. Patients can also post their Ads to get a specialist and doctors freely.

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