Macaw Parrots, Love Birds and Exotic Birds

Hand raise baby macaws for relocation. DNA Tested, Health guarantee,Free toys and Delivery Cage. Free Starter Feed   Safe shipment to any country of the world through Air cargo services. we have the following birds – African Grey – Blue and Gold macaws – Green wing macaws – Scarlet macaws Read More

Macaw Parrots and Fertile Eggs

Following birds are ready:   macaw parrots, African grey parrot, cockatoo, Amazon parrots, Conure Parrots, Ostrich birds & fresh parrot eggs with 100% guarantee or your money back.     All the parrots and birds are well cared for from day one in our aviary so they are very healthy Read More

Pay Attention to Throughput of Teeth Roll Crusher

Roll crusher, also known as roller crusher, belongs to traditional crushing equipment. It is mainly used for fine processing of material particles. As the main working part, the two cylindrical rollers rotate oppositely to achieve the purpose of crushing. Due to its peculiar tooth crushing structure, it is also called Read More

How to do Daily Maintenance of Brown Coal Dryer Well?

Lignite, which is also known as brown coal, is mainly used as the fuel in power plants as well as chemical raw materials, catalyst carrier, adsorbent and for purifying sewage and recycling metal. The coked lignite can be made into briquette for cooking and heating. In addition, it is also Read More

Describe the Main Features of Coal Slime Dryer

Coal slime dryer is the most complex dryer equipment in the drying process, and it is also the most technical level demanding device. In order to make the coal slime dryer play its efficiency at maximum, reduce the emission of harmful substance, and improve the resource utilization ratet, Henan Fote Read More